June 23, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 9

Saint Paul's week is here and we have a very busy (and fun) week planned. 
Please read carefully so you know what is happening.

Monday: Homework is due! Make sure you bring your 'Treasure Hunt' to school on Monday.                           Playhouse performance (afternoon)
Tuesday: Sport (full PE gear)
                  Middle School Interchange (middle block)
                  Whole school singing (afternoon)
Wednesday: Saint Paul's Feast Day Mass
                        Free lunch for students
                        Performing Arts (afternoon)
Thursday: Saint Paul's Feast Day (official)
                    Sports Morning! (9.30-12.30) You must have full PE gear
                    Middle School Interchange (afternoon block)
Friday:  Regional X Country
                Mrs Stanton (middle block)

Have an awesome Saint Paul's Week!

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