October 20, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 2

Monday: Labour Day Holiday 😁
Tuesday: Garin Touch Rugby
Wednesday: Sport
                       Performing Arts
Thursday: Miss M.T in Kereru for the day
                   Tennis Skills (make up day from last term)
Friday: Shared Prayer
             Have a fantastic week!

October 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Kate!

Today was Kate's special day and she is now into double digits! 
Have a fabulous 10th birthday Kate!

October 17, 2017

Kereru Superstars!

Congratulations to Bella, Austin and Bianca who all achieved recent success in Dancing, Cross Country and Judo.
Bella was placed 3rd and 4th and Highly Commended in a recent ballet competition in Blenheim.
Austin ran in the Inter Regional Cross Country event in Timaru and received a medal.
Bianca participated in the NZ Judo Championships in Wellington and received a gold and bronze medal for her weight group and in the open competition.
Well done to all of you! Awesome effort!

October 16, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 1

Welcome Back! 
It's Term 4and that means CAMP! 
It's going to a super busy term so remember to check back here regularly.

Monday: Holiday News
                 Touch Rugby Training w/Garin Students
                 Fitness w/Bodie
Tuesday: Touch Rugby Training w/Garin Students
Wednesday: Sport 
Thursday: Performing Arts (middle block)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              News Groups
Have a great first week of term!

September 23, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 10

Last Week of Term 😁
Remember to share our class blog with your mum/dad/grandparents
Monday: Election homework due
                  Tennis Skills w/Kolie
                  Performing Arts (middle block)
                  Fitness w/Bodie
Tuesday: Sport (athletic skills)
Friday: Shared Prayer
               News Groups
               Mrs Stanton (middle block)
Enjoy your last week of term! Woohoo!

September 22, 2017

Decision 2017!

This week Kereru Class have been learning about the electoral system and how we get a government.  The students discussed questions such as: What is an election? Why do we have them? What happens during an election campaign? How does the voting process work?
The students have been very engaged and definitely had their own opinions about the two main political parties and their leaders!
We finished the week with our own election with each student getting an I VOTED sticker afterward.
The results were.....
Winner: Labour 18 votes
Runner up: National 10 votes
Greens: 2 votes
NZ First 1 vote
It will be interesting to see if our votes match up with the real thing on Saturday 👀
Looking forward to our class discussion on Monday!
Here are some photos taken over the week:
Election process discussions
Students on the 'Vote Compass' site
Vote Compass Site
Our two Election Officials

Decision time Ben!

September 20, 2017

More Wishes and Stars!

September is our busiest month for birthdays here in Kereru Class and yesterday we had another one!
Happy Birthday to Jorja! 🎂 🎉
Last weekend Jacob participated in a table tennis competition and made it through to the finals in both the Under 11 Boys Singles and Under 13 Boys Doubles. 
What a fantastic achievement Jacob!

September 15, 2017

Māori Language Week

This week is Māori Language Week. The theme Kia ora te reo Māori was chosen to celebrate New Zealand’s indigenous greeting. 
The students have practiced how to introduce themselves to a friend and have posted these, and their personal Mihi,  on Seesaw. They have also been learning about Māori myths and legends, in particular 'The Story of Rangi and Papa'
In their groups they presented their own interpretation of the story using masks and stick puppets. Great job everyone!