30 May 2015

Kereru Stars!

Congratulations to Carter and Rilee, our two stars for Week 6.
Carter is a Kereru Class star because he has been working on his listening skills and trying hard to listen and follow instructions more carefully. 
Great effort Carter!
Rilee has been given our Charism award for 'Together We Achieve'
Rilee is more than happy to help a classmate with his work when he is needs a hand and does so with a smile.
Well done Rilee :)

22 May 2015

Team Singing

We have such a lot of fun at team singing on a Friday! We're enthusiastic and really enjoy being able to choose the songs we want to sing. This one is a favourite and we give it heaps!

Nepal Coin Trail Fundraiser

This morning we made a map of Nepal on the senior court and we put our notes and coins around it and we made the map look amazing.
by Amy
Each class went up and put their money on the map of Nepal.
by Isla.
We had a fundraiser for Nepal.
by Declan
We raised a lot of money for Nepal. $1006.00!
By Carter


Star of the Week!

Declan is our Week 5 Star of the Week.
Declan has a really positive attitude to learning and is always focused on the task he is doing. 
You are a Kereru Star Declan!

21 May 2015


In our new topic we are learning about flight. We watched a video about flight and discovered how wings and moving air affect flight
We looked at how gliders coast by exploring the way three different paper objects fall to the ground (paper ball, flat sheet of paper and a paper glider)
First we had to predict how we thought they would fall (in front, behind or straight down) and then observe to see if our predictions were correct.

19 May 2015

You Little Rippa!

Congratulations to the Saint Paul's Rippa Rugby team who won every pool game in the Year 5/6 Rippa Tournament today. 
The team then went on the win the final after playing a golden point split three times! 
Kereru Class had seven students in the winning team; Carter, Sarah, Lydia, Rilee, Jordan, Jack and Noah.
Well done to all the team and to Mr Wingham for his awesome coaching!

Star of the Week!

Congratulations to Jaanvi who is our Star of the Week for Week 4!
Jaanvi has put in a big effort to increase her endurance in our cross country training sessions and has really improved.
Great effort Jaanvi!

12 May 2015

Bucket Filling Videos

We made some videos to demonstrate what it means to empty and fill someone's bucket.
In Kereru we prefer to fill each other's bucket because it makes us fell good too!

Star of the Week

Well done to Katie who is our Star of the Week for Week 3.
Katie is our student council representative and she does a fabulous job of keeping Kereru Class up to date with what is happening in our school.
Great work Katie!

5 May 2015

How to Fill Your Bucket

In R.E we have been learning that God gives us talents and gifts. Spiritual gifts are given by God to benefit others not ourselves.
We discussed our gifts and how can we use them to 'fill someone's bucket'
Here is a video of what it means to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper.
Then take a look at our R.E Display Wall


Place Value

Today Jack and Keira were given the task of building a Place Value Tower using exactly 25 base-ten blocks. The tower had to be able to stand by itself without any help. After they had built the tower Jack and Keira had to calculate and record how many ones, tens, hundreds and thousands blocks they used and the value of the blocks.
They did a great job!

1 May 2015

Helicopter Fun!

Wow what a treat we had this afternoon! A helicopter landed right in front of our classroom!
Cordelia, from Kotuku class, and her family won a trip on Mr Boote's helicopter and he landed it right outside on the field to pick them up.
The students were permitted to go in the helicopter and have a look around. It was pretty cool.
When it landed and took off the wind it created was amazing!

Coming in to land.
It was very flash!
Taking off with Cordelia's family on board!

Animal Mascots in WW1

The Unicorns Reading Group have been finding out how animal mascots were used in World War 1.
We discovered that some mascots were horses, dogs, cats, donkeys, desert foxes and monkeys!
The cats, dogs and foxes helped the soldiers in the trenches by killing the rats. Donkeys carried water and supplies to the soldiers.
Some soldiers even took their mascots back home to live with them after the war.
Here are some of our presentations by Ollie, Jordan, Toby, Declan, Amy, Carter and Bojana.

Star of the Week!

Well done to Keira who is our Star of the Week for Week 2.
Keira is always willing to give anything a go and tries her best whatever she does.
You are a Star Keira!