28 June 2013

Barnicoat Walk

Parents and Caregivers 
Here is the gear list for The Barnicoat Walk - Wednesday 3rd July (postponement date 5th July)

It is really important that the students have adequate clothing for the tramp and we have included a gear list to give them plenty of time to organise themselves.  
We will not be taking students who do not have the correct gear.  
It is also our expectation that all parents are well equipped. 
Day pack - this needs to be a small back pack (school use back packs are fine)

  • Sturdy shoes/sneakers and socks (no jandals, sandals, ballet flats or other thin soled shoes)
  • Shorts or suitable pants to be walking in, 
  • T-shirt 
  • Spare pair of socks.
Also bring:
  • Polypro long sleeve top
  • Polar fleece
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Sunhat.
  • Woolly hat
  • Gloves
Morning tea/lunch, drink bottle, scroggin or other cereals/high carbohydrate snacks

It will be a challenging and fantastic experience for our students so we need them to be safe and well equipped.

17 June 2013

Technology @ Garin

Here are some photos of what we do at Technology.
Hard materials
Hard Materials
Hard materials


Food Technology