22 February 2019

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 5

It's a quieter week this week-phew!
Remember your PE gear every day!

Monday: Shared Prayer

                 Fitness w/Bryone
Tuesday: Music w/Mr Phillips
                  Science w/Miss McQuade
                  Powhiri @ Church
                  Sport w/Kotuku
Wednesday: Craft Club @ lunchtime
Thursday: Chess Club @ lunchtime
Friday: News Groups
              Mrs Gutschlag teaching NZ Sign Language (for the next 5 weeks)

Have a great week everyone!

20 February 2019

Girls Football

Today the Year 5/6 girls had some experts come in to school to coach them in football skills.
Ben, Daniel and Flea from Suburbs spent an hour with the girls teaching dribbling, kicking skills and playing games. 
Check out the student's comments below the photos.

I liked how it teaches teamwork
by Mia
It helped us get fit.
by Ruby-Jean
It was great how we learnt to dribble the ball and move it with our feet.
by Sienna
I liked how we had a competitive woman's football player there to show us. She plays for the NZ International Football team and has been to two Olympics.
by Casey
It was the most fun day of my life.
by Katarina

15 February 2019

Swimming Sports

On Friday we are having our school swimming sports at Nayland Pool. We will be leaving school right after the bell so please be on time.  
You will need to bring:
  • Togs, goggles and two towels.
  • Morning tea, lunch and water
  • Your school hat.
  • You may wear your PE gear on Friday (remember to have your togs on before we leave school).
Parents, caregivers, family are all welcome to come along and cheer! 

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 4

It's a busy week ahead with lots of sporty stuff scheduled.
Remember to bring your PE gear to school on Monday and leave it at school all week.
Monday: Shared Prayer
                 Fitness w/Bryone
Tuesday: Music w/Mr Phillips
                  Science w/Miss McQuade
                  Sport w/Kotuku
                  Juicies for sale @ lunchtime $1 each
Wednesday: Girls Football Session (11.30-12.30)
                        Craft Club @ lunchtime
                        Mass & Picnic @ school 5.30pm
Thursday: News Groups
                  Chess Club @ lunchtime
Friday: Swimming Sports at Nayland Pool 

Learning Thru Play

This afternoon Kereru and Kotuku Classes spent some time together.
The students were given a wide choice of tasks and games to choose from. 
They self managed their play and everyone was busy and resourceful.
It was great to see everyone cooperating with each other and having a lot of fun!

14 February 2019

February Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Kyle and Siobhan who celebrate their big 10th birthday this month!

12 February 2019

Dry and Hot!

The students had their first sport session with Bryone on Monday. 
Not a blade of green grass could be found but it didn't stop them from having fun!

10 February 2019

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 3

This week in Kereru:
Monday: Shared Prayer
                 Fitness w/Bryone
Tuesday: Music w/Mr Phillips
                 Science w/Miss McQuade
                 Sport w/Kotuku
Thursday: Valentines Day
Friday: News Groups

Reminder: Bring your PE gear to school on Monday and leave at school all week.
Have an amazing first FULL week back at school!

8 February 2019

Kereru Class of 2019

Hello and welcome to all of the students in Kereru Class this year!
What a fabulous looking bunch!

6 February 2019

Smarty Pants!

The students had a wee surprise waiting for them in Kereru Class this morning.
A little treat to welcome them on their first day back at school.
What a bunch of smarties they all are 😂