27 February 2018

Swimming Sports: Week 6

Next Wednesday we are having our school swimming sports at Nayland Pool. We will be leaving school right after the bell so please be at school on time.  
You will need to bring:

  • Your togs, goggles and two towels.
  • Morning tea and water.
  • Your school hat and polar fleece.
  • Sunscreen (it will be hot and sunny).
  • You may wear your PE gear to school on Wednesday. If you wear your togs to school under your PE gear then remember to bring underwear to get changed into after swimming 💦😀

23 February 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 5

This week the Life Education Truck is at our school and we will have two sessions related to 
Cyber Safety.
On Monday remember to bring your homework and your FULL PE gear!
Monday: Homework due back
                 Fitness with Bodie
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: Life Education (session one)
Thursday: School Mass and Picnic (5.30pm)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              Life Education (session 2)

Have a great week everyone!

Welcome to Saint Pauls!

On Thursday we welcomed lots of new students to our school family.
We have some of these very special people in Kereru Class this year. They have settled in like they've been here for years!
A very warm welcome to Lily, Elaine and Aidan 😊

22 February 2018

Beginning of Year Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to these fabulous January and February birthday kids!
Siobhan, Kyle, Elizabeth and Missy and Sean (absent for photo)

16 February 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 4

Reminder: Bring your PE gear to school on Monday!
Monday: Fitness with Bodie
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: Performing Arts (afternoon)
Thursday: School Powhiri (10.00)
                    Library (instead of Wednesday)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              News Groups
Have a fantastic week!

15 February 2018

Pancake Tuesday!

On Tuesday the students in Kereru were treated to a pancake snack and they were delicious!
Thank you to Elizabeth for helping out 😀



11 February 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 3

Remember to bring your diary and PE gear to school on Monday
Monday: Fitness with Bodie
Tuesday: Sport with Kotuku & Mrs McQuillan
Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Liturgy (11.00)
Friday: Caritas Visitor (first block)
Have a great week!

5 February 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 2

Hello Kereru Kids. I trust you are all enjoying your looong weekend! Here's a rundown of what is happening this week.  Remember, the weekly timetable will be posted here each week.

Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Performing Arts
Friday: Shared Prayer
Have an awesome week!

Week One Done!

What a fabulous start to the new school year! Everyone is settling in and getting to know each other a little bit more each day. It's going to be another great year in Kereru!
Here are a few snaps from our first week.