24 February 2013

Financial Literacy

Learning about the IRD

On Friday we had a visitor from the ASB Bank come and talk with us about how to be smart with our money.
We learnt about why different jobs pay different wages and how much it costs to live. We found out about paying taxes and what happens to the money.
Then we were given a budget and, in our groups, had to plan a trip to Hawaii. We had to decide if we wanted to pay with cash or credit card and if we wanted insurance or not. 
It was interesting to hear what people decided to do.
It was fun and a great way for us to learn about money and how to budget.

Kea Class Student Council Representative 2013

Congratulations to Dylan who has been voted in as our class representative on the 2013 Student Council.
Dylan presented a well thought out speech and will be a great addition to the Council.
Well done to the other Kea students who also put themselves forward for election.
It's great to see so many of you wanting to be leaders in our school.

10 February 2013

Welcome to Kea Class 2013!

It's 2013 and another school year is here!
This is a blog for you to share with your family and friends. 
Each week we will be updating our blog with news, information, homework, notices and lots of other 'stuff' that will be going on in Kea Class.
We have an exciting year ahead with lots of fun and interesting learning.
Please welcome our new students to St Paul's School and Kea Class;
Willow, Benjamin, Conor, Vanessa and Brendon.
Have an amazing year everyone!