30 March 2014

Kereru Class Flag Competition

Congratulation to Aylish for winning our class flag design competition. It was great to see the that you all put so much thought and effort into your designs. Ms Hampson was very impressed with how mature and responsible you all were when you were viewing and voting for your favourite design. Here is a sample of some of the designs:

P.E (Sports Skills) Term One

9 March 2014

Life Education

On Monday and Thursday we visited the Life Education Truck to learn about our brains 'The Brainy Bunch'
We learnt about the brain, lungs, heart, muscles, stomach and intestines. We watched a short video about Alex, an eleven year old boy, to see how his brainy bunch are affected by different activities throughout a day. We also learnt about the importance of breakfast and eating the right foods.


Victorian School Video

Here is a video of a school very similar to what we experienced at Bishop's School.
Click the link:
Victorian School Video

Bishop's School Trip

We learnt a lot on our visit to Bishop's School and on the City Walk.
Here are some of our photos and comments:

We had to line up in two rows.
We weren't allowed to talk and had to sit up very straight
Kids were sometimes punished with a strap.

Fingernail inspection for dirt.
If you got something wrong you wore the dunces hat.

The teacher sat in front of the class with the strap on the desk.

On the City Walk we looked at historical buildings
Sketching the buidings

5 March 2014

Our New Councillor

Meet Kereru's Newly Elected Student Councillor-Eve
Eve presented the class with a polished speech and it obviously paid off as she won by a landslide. 
Well done to our other very worthy candidates, David, Grace and Andrew. 
It's great to see young people put themselves out there and want to be involved in making  our fantastic school even better.
Well done everyone.

2 March 2014

School Swimming Sports

Swimming sports are here again. It's going to be a great morning :)
We will be leaving at 9.00 on Thursday morning. You will need to remember to bring the following items:
Towels x 2
Morning tea, snacks
School fleecy or jersey
Sunscreen (this will also be available at the pool)
Please ensure you are wearing the correct school PE uniform.