11 April 2016

Cross Country Training

Last week we started training for the Rod Dixon Marathon and the school Cross Country.
Every day we set off around the school to complete our one km per day target. We then come back into the classroom for a well earned, refreshing, home-made lemonade and then we record our results on the class running log.
Today we got the pom poms out for our cheerleaders!
Go boys!

What's New Pussycat?

For Friday news Katie's 'Na' brought her new cat into our class. Its breed is Burmese and her name is Phoebe.  Phoebe came from Wellington and Katie got Phoebe from the airport last Friday.Phoebe is grey,white and very small. Katie's Na let Phoebe walk around the class room and we all got to pat her.
By Lucas and Sean
Phoebe enjoyed her visit
She was very curious and seemed very relaxed

6 April 2016

Saint Paul's Gala

On Saturday we had our Saint Pauls school Gala, We shared a stall with Kotuku and we did homemade popcorn, lemonade and candy floss. They were delicious, tasty and yummy. 
We also did singing with Kotuku and Kea. We sang Drag me Down, Kia Kaha Tuatara, Express Your Self and Road Trip. 
Some students also performed a couple of Jump Jam routines.
The gala was awesome.
By Quintin and Luke.
Middle Syndicate singing group
Kereru Jump Jammers
Our lemonade stand
Our candy floss was super popular!