16 December 2016

End of Year Concert: Kereru Dance

Here is the video of Kereru Kids performing at the the end of year concert. 
The students performed amazingly well. I was super proud of them all 😉

13 December 2016

Kristkindle Good Deeds

This year for Kristkindle we are doing something slightly different than in previous years. Each class in the school will discuss and complete kind, helpful acts throughout the school day. 
Today Kereru went on a rubbish hunt outside of the school gate all the way to Salisbury Rd.

12 December 2016

FOSP Fun Friday!

Last Friday the Friends of Saint Pauls organised  a fun day.
We had nail painting, crazy hair, a water slide, bouncy castles, outdoor activities, flossy the ballon lady and a wheels track.
If we were living the St Pauls way for 2 or 3 weeks by being nice to others and and doing good deeds for others, you got to go on the water slide as a reward.
by Evie. S

Our Elf, Sprinkle Belle!

Our Elf Sprinkle Belle
Last week on Wednesday we got a elf on the shelf.  She was already in the class on a shelf. There was also a box that said 'Special Santa' and inside it had a adoption certificate and a letter from Santa. we named her Sprinkle Belle. She has had many adventures in our class room like having a sleep in a tissues box or when she got into the sticker box and covered her self with the stickers! She had a bath in a ball of wool and cotton wool and climbed onto one of our Christmas wreaths.
This morning we found her playing bingo with kiwi and snowman.
By Evielyn and Katelyn

11 December 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 10


Monday: Shared Prayer 🙏
                Present Homework 📕
                Dance Rehearsal 🎭
Tuesday: Cricket 🎾
                End of Year Concert (be at school by 6.00pm) 🎭
Wednesday: Sport 🏉
Thursday: Auction Day! $$$
                 Reports go home 👍
Friday: Kristkindle (gift swap) 🎄
             End of Year Mass 🙏

5 December 2016

End of Year Concert

Reminder that you will need some 'Biblical' style clothing for the end of year concert. You can shop around at the St Vincent de Paul store or Red Cross and find something appropriate. A large piece of cheap material will also be good (just cut a hole in the centre for your head to go through!) You may wear a head scarf but it's not necessary.
Please stick with neutral colours such as browns, beige, blue, white etc
Here are some ideas

4 December 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru: week 9

Two Weeks To Go!
Monday: Shared Prayer 🙏
Tuesday: Music 🎶
                Sport-Cricket 🎾
Thursday: Sport-Cricket 🎾
Friday: Homework Due Back 📕
            Thanksgiving Liturgy (10.00) 👍
            FOSP Student Fun Day!🎪
Have an awesome week!

3 December 2016

Celebration of Learning Afternoon

Here are a few photos from our Celebration of Learning Afternoon. 
Check out the school newsletter on Friday for an article and more photos 👀