30 May 2016

Year 5/6 Hockey Tournament

The Year 5/6 Hockey Tournament is this Thursday @ Saxton Field Hockey Pavilion from 9.30-2.00. 
Students will be travelling by bus there and back.
All players MUST wear a mouthguard and shin pads are advisable.

PE uniform
Food and water
School jersey/polar fleece (no hoodies or other tops) and raincoat
Everyone is welcome to come along and cheer on the teams!

Drama with Esther

On Thursday morning Kereru class went all the way into Nelson to go to the Suiter Art Gallery to learn how to do mimes with masks. It was really fun.
First we looked at some pictures of art that looked like vacum cleaners! Then we went in a group and chosed a picture to mime. Me, Hope, Cordeila and Amelia did a picture of some kids cleaning up, but it look like a game of hockey with broomsticks.
It was fun!
By Luke and Hope


29 May 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru Week 5

Here's what's happening this week:
Monday: Shared Prayer
Tuesday: Founder's Trip (Clay Workshop)
               Team Singing
Wednesday: Middle Syndicate Mass @ 9.30
Thursday: Yr 5/6 Hockey Tournament @Saxton Hockey Fields
Friday: Homework due

27 May 2016

In the Water

Michael  is slowly losing grip of his ball, he's falling into sleep but he knows that he needs to stay awake otherwise he will sink and go down down down. He loses his grip of the ball and his arms go weak. He floats on his back. Going into sleep he can feel the water splashing on his body. He's relieved and thankful that he can finally rest but still in the back of his mind he's thinking of the sharks. It almost feels to him that if he tenses enough that he's not alone but he will always be scared, freezing and hopeless as long as he is in the deep and cold water.  Suddenly he falls into a deep deep sleep.

By Lydia

18 May 2016


We are learning about direct and indirect speech in writing.
Sean and Maisie acted out two characters based on an excerpt we read from the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom'  They sat on the 'hot seat' and the rest of the class to ask questions about a situation that the characters found themselves in.
After the 'hot seat' activity we learnt about the difference between direct and indirect speech (reported speech) and then wrote a short paragraph using reported speech.
Here are some examples.
Child Overboard
On May 18, I interviewed the parents of Michael, the child overboard, on how they were feeling. They said that they were feeling confident about his swimming but they were also nervous because they had only found that he was gone the next day.
The father said that Michael was writing the log about the trip. 
They are still waiting to find him.
By Lydia

Boy Missing
Yesterday eight year Michael was reported missing on the Peggy Sue.
Here is what Michaels' parents had to say.
Michael's mother said that she had just gone round to check on him and couldn't find him. They had assumed that he had gone overboard and were so worried.
Michael's dad said that Michael was quite a confident swimmer but still didn't know if he could survive.
Search parties have gone all over the sea with no trace of the boy. Just an old soccer ball.
By Luke.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to get an interview with Michael's parents. 
Michael's mother said that they gave up looking after three and a half days. They were extremely frightened and couldn't sleep.
Michael's dad said that they sent out a note to let rescuers know that he was lost.
By Lucy

16 May 2016

Singing at Sundial Square

This morning the Middle Syndicate celebrated Catholic School's Day by performing to the public (well, mostly parents!) in Sundial Square. The students sang with enthusiasm, Mr Philipps accompanied them on guitar and the sun was shining smile emoticon
It was a great opportunity for the students to share a little bit of what we do here at Saint Pauls.

13 May 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru-Week 3

Monday: Catholic Schools Day-correct uniform please.
               9.45:  Powhiri @ Church
             11.00: Singing Performance-Sundial Square
Tuesday: Music with Mr Philipps
Wednesday: Trip to Suter Gallery
                     Hockey Skills
Friday: Sport w/Mrs McQuillan

Outdoor Tables

Earlier in the year the Friends of Saint Pauls very kindly gave a grant to each syndicate. We discussed how best to use the money and with the big class sizes we thought having an extra outdoor learning space would be a great idea. We have one table for each classroom and there was enough timber left over to make a fourth.
Amazing picnic tables as well as comfortable.
The strong guys who brought and made the picnic tables
 by Evie.P & Jasmine

12 May 2016

Hockey Skills

We learnt some skills about hockey with Brenna. We learnt how to dribble with the ball. We also learnt how to pass, strike and shoot!
We like playing a game at the end of the session.
by Jack and Ollie.
This is us playing hockey bullrush.
This us playing king of the square-It was fun!

11 May 2016

Science Investigation

This week 6 students were chosen to do a science investigation. First we had to fill a jar three quarters full,we then had to place a sheet of cardboard on top of the jar and turn it over quickly making sure that it was straight up and down . We had to guess if the water would come out or not. We repeated it but this time instead of cardboard, we used a piece of mesh . When we tipped it up this time to our surprise there was very little water that came out!!! 
We thought that the water didn't come out because of the air pressure.
By Lucy And Alice.

This is the Jar with Cardboard!!!
This is the Jar with Mesh!!!

7 May 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru-Week 2

Week 2:

Monday:  Shared Prayer

Tuesday: Music
                Team Singing

Wednesday: Hockey Skills

Friday: Sport
Have a great week!