23 September 2015

Keeping Ourselves Safe

This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe in certain situations. Constable Garland has been coming into our classroom and discussing ways to be safe and also helping us to learn what to do if we need help.


Keep On Keeping On

Well done to Katie who received our Keep On Keeping On certificate this week.
Katie has a positive attitude and works hard on every task, always putting in her best effort.

21 September 2015

Whakatu Marae Visit

What a fantastic morning we had at Whakatu Marae.
We learnt some things about the Marae; when and why it was built and also about the things inside the Wharenui.
We had a great morning tea and then got into groups to say out Mihimihi.
We couldn't take photos inside the Wharenui but here are some of the outside.


16 September 2015

Term 3 Birthdays!

 Happy Birthday to Rilee, Keira, Jack, Jordan, Toby and Katie!
Kereru students receive a special birthday certificate, bookmark and cootie catcher on their special day :)

13 September 2015

Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser

What a busy weekend Ms Hampson and Mrs Trolle had organising the Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser!
It was very successful and we were very grateful to have such wonderful people who gave up their time to help with the Garage Sale.
A HUGE thank you to Di Lamont and also the Churchman Family for all of the time and effort they have contributed to this event (and Toby isn't even going to camp this year!) 
Another HUGE thank you to all the other helpers (parents and students-you know who you are and you were all awesome!) and to everyone who contributed something for us to sell.


Book Day Fun!

Reading books, onesies, blankies, pillows, stuffed animals, making book traliers, listening to and sharing stories, Milo and cookies were all part of our fun book day on Friday!
The Onesie Squad!
Making a book trailer
Time for Milo and Cookies

9 September 2015

Book Parade

What a fantastic effort Kereru Class put into their Under the Sea dress ups!
We had King Neptune, yellow submarines, mermaids, crabs, divers, jellyfish, octopus and even a turtle! 
Well done everyone!!



6 September 2015

Snuggle Up With a Book Day!

I Scream for Ice Cream!

On Friday we made Ice Cream! We had to follow a recipe and make sure we measured carefully.
Adding salt to the ice lowers the freezing point of the ice so that even more heat energy has to be absorbed from the surroundings (in this case, the ice-cream mixture) for the ice to melt. When enough heat has been removed from the liquid mixture, it freezes and becomes a solid.
It was great watching how our cream turned into ice cream and it tasted delicious!
Here is our recipe:
½ cup of full fat milk (or cream) 
1 heaped tablespoon of sugar 
¼ tsp of Vanilla essence 
2 cups of crushed ice (smash up a couple of trays of ice cubes) 
¾ of a cup of salt 
1 small zip lock bag and 1 large zip lock bag