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Hello Kereru Families
On this page you will find notices, updates, events etc so remember to check in regularly!
Kereru Newsletter Term 4 2018

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers.

Welcome back to Kereru students for Term 4.

This newsletter is designed to give parents information about what is happening in a very busy Term 4 and also some events to put on your calendars.

Hats are now compulsory for all outdoor activities. Please make sure your child has one that is clearly named.  We have a few sporting events as well as other activities outside of the school grounds this term so this would a good time to check that all clothing is labelled. 
PE gear is required at school every day.

School Photos:
Photo orders can be done online this week or next.  Don’t be concerned about the cut-off date, we didn’t receive the sheets on time for them to be handed out at the end of term. 

Touch rugby training began today.  This is a build up to the Catholic Schools Touch Tournament which is on Friday 2nd November and is held at St. Paul’s. A notice asking for adults to supervise the teams will follow shortly. It’s a fun day and refreshments will be available all day in the staff room!

Something else which will be increasing our fitness is the ‘Dances in Schools’ programme, which begins in week 3.  Each age level will be taught 2 dances over the 2 weeks, which will then be presented as a whole school performance on the evening of Friday 9th of November.  Further details will be given in the school newsletter closer to the time.

For maths we are continuing with multiplication and division, as well as continuing the weekly basic facts focus. It’s great to see that students are putting in some effort at home learning their times tables.

Interchange for maths and reading is now happening three days a week.  This is a great opportunity for all the year 5 & 6 students to work with a smaller group, and receive more teacher time.

Near the end of last term, we introduced the children to reciprocal reading. This is an extremely engaging way for the children to develop their comprehension skills and we will be continuing this system for the first half of this term.  When reading groups come together, each person is given a specific job out of leader, predictor, summariser, clarifier or questioner.  After each section of the text has been read, each group member has to compete their role.  The depth, and level of understanding, the students gain from these student-led discussions, has been really impressive and every person has to really think about what they have read. 

As next week starts with a holiday, homework will begin in week 3.  Please encourage your child to complete his/her homework on time.  Homework not only reinforces academic skills it is also a great way to practise self-management.

Class Blog
Just a reminder that the Kereru class blog is updated each week. Homework and notices are always posted on the blog. It’s a great way to keep up with what the students are learning in class and find out about up and coming events.

Dates (so far!)
Labour Day Holiday: Mon 22 Oct
Top of the South Touch Rugby Tournament: Fri 2 Nov
Dances with Schools Performance: Fri 9 Nov, 7.00pm (Venue TBC)
Year 5/6 Top Team Competition: Tue 13 Nov
School Powhiri: Wed 14 Nov, 10.00am
School Athletics Day: Tue 20 Nov
Road Patrol Training: Mon 26 Nov
Thanksgiving Liturgy: Fri 7 Dec, 10.00am
Swimming Week starts: Mon 10 Dec
Reports home: Thu 13 Dec
End of Year Mass/Last Day of School: Fri 14 Dec

Please feel free to email me at;

Kereru Newsletter Term 3 2018
Kia ora Parents and Caregivers.

Welcome back to Kereru students for Term 3.

This term is quite busy with sports events. As well as our weekly physical activity sessions with Bryone, we are lucky to have expert coaches come in to coach the students in football and tennis.

We have a Year 5/6 hockey tournament this term. This is a fantastic day for everyone and a fun, relaxed way to expose all of the students to the game. Term 3 is also traditionally the term to prepare for the Winter Sports Tournament. The students will learn skills related to Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Boccia. All students will participate in a team sport at Winter Tournament.

Here is a brief run-down of what the students will be learning in Term 3 and some dates to put in your diary.

Inquiry Unit (integrating RE)
This term the students will be finishing and presenting their Roman inquiry. We will then move onto our new unit ‘Migration Stories’.  Some of the key messages the students will learn are;
• Migration affects millions of people and is changing our world.
• Refugees and migrants face many challenges in search of a place of belonging.
• As Christians we are called to offer manaakitanga/hospitality to strangers and
   newcomers in our communities.
Spelling: We will have a focus on spelling rules and word origins.
Reading: Availll Programme (for more information please click on link) Availll and reciprocal reading.
Writing: Sentence Structure, Grammar, Revising, Editing
Some writing and reading learning will be related to our inquiry unit.

This term the maths focus is on Measurement (length, area and perimeter) and Multiplication and Division

Homework will begin again in week 3. Last term there was a significant drop in students completing their homework. Please check that your child has completed their homework and that it comes back to school on Friday for checking.

 Class Blog
 Just a reminder that the Kereru class blog is updated each week. It is a great
 way to keep up with what we have been learning in class and to find out about
 up and coming events.

Dates (so far!)
* Football in School Coaching – Week 2-6
* Primary Netball Tournament (for school netball players) - Week 3, Tue 7 August
* Book Fair - Week 4
* Student Led Conferences - Week 4 (Dates TBA)
* Hockey Tournament – Week 5, Thu 23 August
* First Aid Training – Week 5, Fri 24 August
* Winter Tournament – Week 6, Tue 28 August
* Tennis Coaching Week 7-10
* Syndicate Mass @ Church – Week 7, Wed 5 September
* School Photographs – Week 8, Tue 28 & Wed 29 September
* School Disco – Week 9, Fri 21 September

Please feel free to email if you would like to set up a meeting with me at any stage.

Kereru Newsletter Term 2 2018
Here is a brief outline of what the students will be learning in Term 2 and some dates to put on your calendar.

Inquiry Unit: Romans
The students will be investigating how the Romans lived, their society and technology and how this influences the way we live today.

Our Math strands this term will be Addition/Subtraction, Geometry (Transformational) and Multiplication & Division.
It will be of great benefit for students to practice their times tables and family of facts on a regular basis.

Sacrament and Jesus strands will be integrated into other curriculum areas this term.

Homework will begin Tuesday of week 2.
Please check that your child has completed their homework and that it comes back to school the following Monday for checking. Thank you.
Check our class blog ‘Homework’ page to find out what homework has been assigned for the week.

Class Blog
Just a reminder that the Kereru class blog is updated each week. It is a great way to keep up with what we have been learning in class and to find out about up and coming events. 

Important Dates
Sunday 13 May: School Mass @ Church, 9.30am/Mother’s Day
Thursday 17 May: 10.00 am School Powhiri
Wednesday 30 May: School Cross Country
Thursday 31 May: ‘Strike’ percussion group visit
Friday 1 June: Staff RE Retreat Day  (relievers in school)
Monday 4 June: Queen’s Birthday holiday
Monday 11 June: 9.30 Clay @ The Suter (transport required please)
Friday 29 June:  11:30am – 12:30pm  St Paul’s Feast day Mass
Friday 6 July: Mufti Mania, Mid-Year Reports, Last Day of Term 2
 As you can see this term we have an outing to the Suter Gallery and will require transport and parent help. A notice will come home closer to the dates or you can email me before then if you are available to help.
Thank you for your support.

Please feel free to email if you would like to set up a meeting with me at any stage.


Kereru Newsletter Term 1 2018
 Kia ora Parents and Caregivers!
 Welcome to Kereru Class 2018!

I trust you all have enjoyed a wonderful summer break (or a bit of a break!) with your children over the holiday period. Now it’s back to school time so here is an newsletter designed to give you some information about our classroom.

Class Blog
Kereru class has a blog that is updated each week. It is a great way to keep up with what we are learning in class and to find out about up and coming events. Weekly homework is listed on our blog so that parents can check what is expected.
On our blog you will see a tab that links to our school website. Once you are on the website click on ‘Communication Hub’ to find links to our school 
calendar and newsletters.

Our school theme for 2018 is ‘We Are The World’. It will run through the year with a different focus each term. In Term One we have an integrated social science study related to the theme.

Swimming at The Aquatic Centre will begin in week 6. Kereru’s timeslot is 2.00-2.30. You are welcome to come along and watch.
The students will need to bring their togs, towel and goggles each day.

Physical Education & Library
The students have a weekly skills session with our Sports Coordinator, Mrs McQuillan, on Tuesday mornings and a class PE session later on in the week. The students need to wear their full PE gear for lessons. It is a good idea for students to leave their PE gear in their locker each Monday and then take it home on Friday to washed over the weekend.
Please note that school hats are compulsory in Term 1.

Our library day is Wednesday. The students are encouraged to take out at least one book to read at class reading time (after lunch) and/or to take home.

Performing Arts
We have the fabulous Mrs Margy Wallace taking the students for dance/drama and music again this year. Students will receive seven or eight 1½ hour sessions with Mrs Wallace over the term.

The class Guided Reading programme will run from Monday to Friday.
At this level the students won’t bring books home from school but are encouraged to read their choice of text each night for at least 20 minutes (comics, magazines and graphic novels are perfectly acceptable reading material). Your support in this is appreciated.

Our Mathematic focus this term will be Place Value, followed by Statistics and Decimals.
If math’s homework is assigned it will be related to work the students are covering in class.

The students will be tested early in the term on the Essential List words, which relate to the words that your child will be coming across at a high rate in their reading and writing.. The students have instruction in class for spelling. These lessons focus on spelling rules, patterns, word families, etc. 

Homework will begin in week 3 due to the first couple of weeks being short weeks. Students will generally have homework related to class work or current events. I understand family life can be very busy so if your child is unable to complete his or her homework, please email me or send a note to school. Homework is assigned on Tuesday and due back at school the following Monday. This is to give those students with other commitments throughout the week, time over the weekend to complete their tasks. Your support is appreciated.
We use Seesaw as a platform for students to share their learning with parents. Seesaw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. They can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.
Look out for an invitation to join Seesaw in the next few weeks.

EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom)
In Year 5/6 we try to incorporate EOTC experiences into our learning. Students learn valuable skills from the hands on experiences and builds on what they are learning in the classroom.
Parents/Caregivers are welcome to join us and we may request that you help out with transport for the students.

Classroom Help
If you are available to help out in the classroom (listening to reading, helping a writing group, art etc) please let me know. No regular commitment or experience required J

Wish List
We are always in need of boxes of tissues (which you should have received with your stationery order) and also multi purpose wipes (for cleaning down tables). If you are able to donate either of these items at some point throughout the year it will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to a positive and engaging year with your children.

Please feel free to email me or phone the school if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting with me at any stage.

Thank you
Angie Hampson

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