14 December 2015

Christmas Countdown!

It's the last week of school for the year and that means......Christmas fun!
Last week we painted some Christmas art-we love the different looks on the reindeer faces :)
Today, we started filling our 'Goodie Bags' with Christmas elves-cute!


The Cleanest Class in the School!

We got a lovely surprise this morning when we got to school. Our cleaners, Raewyn and Steve awarded Kereru the 'Cleanest Class Overall for 2015!'
They left us a really nice message in a Christmas card and Ms Hampson got some Hershey's Kisses and the students got lollipops-yum!
Well done to Kereru kids for having such a clean and tidy classroom.

11 December 2015

Week 10-Last Week of School!

Here is run down of what is happening in the last week of school.
Monday: Kristkindle begins.
               Shared Prayer.
Tuesday: Music with Mr Philipps.
                Water Balloon Games
Wednesday: Market Day (remember to bring money if you want to buy something).
                     Allie from Broadgreen House visiting Kereru.
Thursday: Water Safety/Survival Skills at Aquatic Centre
                  Kereru Class Auction!
Friday:  Kristkindle gift giving.
              End of year mass.
Have a great week everyone!

3 December 2015

Advent Wreath

BIG thanks to Lydia and Sophie for creating our beautiful New Zealand themed Advent Wreath for our prayer table.

Charism Award

Well done Ollie for receiving this weeks Charism Award for having a kind heart and being such a fantastic role model to others!

27 November 2015

Play Time!

For Reading this week we have been practising our oral language and acting skills by reading School Journal plays.
We rehearsed a lot and then raided the dress up box for costumes.
The plays were performed really well and everyone got great feedback from the rest of the class.


26 November 2015

A Bit of a Tangle!

We love using our headphones but, even though we are very careful with them, they do get in a bit of a tangle. This one though was a real mess and lots of us (even Ms Hampson) tried to untangle them but they just got even more tangled up!
Luckily Isaac has a de-tangling expert in his family......Oma!
Isaac took the mess home over the weekend and brought them back all neat and tidy in little baggies.
Thank you Oma!!

12 November 2015

Saint Paul's Athletics Day

Next Monday is our school athletics day. Come to school in your PE gear. You may wear track pants as it can still be a bit cool in the morning. 
Here is a reminder of what else you will need:
-Sneakers (Must be worn on the track. No bare feet)
-School Hat
-Drink bottle (water)
-Lunch and snacks
-School Polar fleece or Jersey
-Wet weather gear (raincoat)
When: Monday 16 November 2015 (postponement day is Wednesday)
Where: Saxton Track
          Parents, families and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the day!

9 November 2015

Swimming Week!

You have swimming lessons ALL WEEK!
Remember to bring:
Goggles (if required)

28 October 2015

Year 5/6 Camp Gear List

Year 5/6 Hanmer Springs Camp
Gear List
This is the gear list for our camp 3 – 6 November. 

Woolly hat/Sun hat
Wet weather clothing
Sturdy outdoor shoes /Sneakers
Polypropylene top
Polar fleece
Warm jersey
Socks x 4 pairs
Shorts & long pants (jeans/sweatpants)
T shirts x 2
Long sleeved top x 2
Towel and toilet bag with toiletries
Medications (if required – to be given to teacher)
Sleeping bag
Pillow slip
Swimming togs, towel and tog bag
Insect spray
Baking in a named container for supper.

Cell phone & charger
Book to read
No devices on camp.  Cell phones will be collected in and handed out in the evenings for a short time.
The students will be given $5 each for spending money to buy a souvenir on our Hanmer Hunt.  This and entry to the Thermal Pools is included in their camp fee.

20 October 2015


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with an emphasis on defence rather than attack.
Katie brought in her Dobok (uniform) and sparring equipment to share with her classmates (who were all keen to do some sparring with her!)
Katie gave us a demonstration and we were very impressed with how high and fast she could kick!

Calendar Art

Calendar Art  

10 October 2015

It's Term 4!

Welcome back for Term 4!
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday break and are super excited to come back to Kereru Class for the last term of the year!
Here are some reminders for the term:
  • Sun hats must be worn when you are outside for breaks and sport/P.E 
  • You may wear sandals or shoes this term
  • Full P.E gear to be worn for any sport
Important Dates:
  • Teacher Only Afternoon: Friday Week 2
  • Labour Day Holiday: Monday Week 3
  • Top of the South Touch Rugby Tournament: Friday Week 3
  • Year 5/6 Camp: (Tue-Fri) Week 4  (Year 4 students will be with Mrs L)
  • Swimming: Mon-Fri Week 5
  • School Athletics Day: Monday Week 6
  • Thank you Liturgy: Friday Week 8
  • End of Year Mass: Friday Week 10

23 September 2015

Keeping Ourselves Safe

This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe in certain situations. Constable Garland has been coming into our classroom and discussing ways to be safe and also helping us to learn what to do if we need help.


Keep On Keeping On

Well done to Katie who received our Keep On Keeping On certificate this week.
Katie has a positive attitude and works hard on every task, always putting in her best effort.

21 September 2015

Whakatu Marae Visit

What a fantastic morning we had at Whakatu Marae.
We learnt some things about the Marae; when and why it was built and also about the things inside the Wharenui.
We had a great morning tea and then got into groups to say out Mihimihi.
We couldn't take photos inside the Wharenui but here are some of the outside.


16 September 2015

Term 3 Birthdays!

 Happy Birthday to Rilee, Keira, Jack, Jordan, Toby and Katie!
Kereru students receive a special birthday certificate, bookmark and cootie catcher on their special day :)

13 September 2015

Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser

What a busy weekend Ms Hampson and Mrs Trolle had organising the Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser!
It was very successful and we were very grateful to have such wonderful people who gave up their time to help with the Garage Sale.
A HUGE thank you to Di Lamont and also the Churchman Family for all of the time and effort they have contributed to this event (and Toby isn't even going to camp this year!) 
Another HUGE thank you to all the other helpers (parents and students-you know who you are and you were all awesome!) and to everyone who contributed something for us to sell.


Book Day Fun!

Reading books, onesies, blankies, pillows, stuffed animals, making book traliers, listening to and sharing stories, Milo and cookies were all part of our fun book day on Friday!
The Onesie Squad!
Making a book trailer
Time for Milo and Cookies

9 September 2015

Book Parade

What a fantastic effort Kereru Class put into their Under the Sea dress ups!
We had King Neptune, yellow submarines, mermaids, crabs, divers, jellyfish, octopus and even a turtle! 
Well done everyone!!