26 May 2017

Cross Country Information

Saint Paul’s Cross Country
Tuesday 30 May @ Rabbit Island 9.45-12.30 (please note day/time may change)

Programme for the day
9.05 Organise / line up for buses
9.15 Buses leave for Rabbit Island
9.45 Round Robin + Races Begins                        
12.05 pm Round Robin + Races End 
12.30 pm  Return to School 
Requirements for the day
All students must have suitable footwear, school P.E. gear, warm jacket/pants/hat 
You will also need a packed lunch, snacks and a water bottle.
REMINDER: Sausages, Burgers and Baking will be available to buy. Please bring your pre-order to school on Monday.
We will travel to and from Rabbit Island, as a school, by bus.  It is expected that all children
will travel to and from Rabbit Island by bus.
Have a Great Day!

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 5

Monday: Homework Due
                 Garin College Visit-Stage Challenge Show
                 Library (instead of Tuesday)
Tuesday: School Cross Country @ Rabbit Island
Wednesday: Performing Arts (afternoon)
Friday: Shared Prayer
               Mrs Stanton (middle block)

In the Pink!

This morning we had some wonderful St Paul's parents organise a Pink Ribbon Breakfast in support of breast cancer awareness.
We also did our part in Kereru Class by wearing 'a little' bit of pink.

25 May 2017

Zen Zone!

What a glorious morning for some meditation with the sun streaming in through the windows 🌞
The students had a Basic Facts straight after and almost the entire class scored a PB! 
We are Zen Masters!
It is very calming and makes your mind feel that it's gone into another place.
By Ronin
It was very relaxing and it motivated us to do our maths test.
By Holly B
The meditation took us to another world and it was very calming there and joyful.
By Bruno

19 May 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 4

Busy week this week!
Monday: Homework due back
                Mrs Stanton (afternoon)
                Library (instead of Tuesday)
Tuesday: Ms Hampson away in the morning (Mrs Stanton in Kereru)
                Sport w/Mrs McQuillan
                Middle Syndicate Mass
                Rippa Team to Tournament
Wednesday: Performing Arts w/Mrs Wallace
                    Buddy Reading
Thursday; PE today instead of Friday
Friday: Shared Prayer

Have an awesome week everyone!

14 May 2017

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

Below is a selection of photos from our fabulous trip on Friday.
On Monday students will be posting comments on what they have learnt.
We learnt most of the bird sounds in the Brook.We learnt what plants not to eat and what to eat it was really fun.
By Reuben
At the Brook we learnt lots of the trees names and where they were from. We got to eat two types of plants one was really spicy.
By Lily  
At the brook we learnt that the fence is to keep out animals like ferrets, rats and stoats because they eat the native birds.
By Taylor
(read more comments below) ↓

I really liked how spicy the kawakawa leaves were.
By Holly O
 I learnt that the kawakawa trees make their taste spicier when a caterpillar eats them
By Toby
There is tons of cool bugs and birds.
By Austin
We learnt that the kawakawa plant is shaped like a heart.
By Declan

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 3

Monday: Mrs Stanton in Kereru (afternoon)
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: School Powhiri @ Church
Friday: Shared Prayer
Remember to leave your sports gear at school all week as we will be training for cross country every day 🏃
Have a fantastic week!