17 May 2013

Roman Technology

We recently tok a trip to The Museum in Nelson and saw a lot of interesting machines and weapons that the Romans used.
We used the 'ShowMe' app on the iPads to share what we learnt about some of these machines.

By Liam and Jono By Dylan H and Luca By Willow By Zac By Alisha By Benjamin By Maximus By Dylan and Brendon

50 Word Short Story Challenge

Here is the link to the short story challenge blog. It would be fantastic to see some Kea kids writing on there!


Lauren's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lauren! Thank you for sharing your delicious birthday cake with us today!

16 May 2013

Our first attempt with the Show Me App on the iPads

This is my first attempt at using Show Me.  By Georgina.

The Testudo Formation By Jasmine and Stella

We will be experimenting with different ways of using the app over the next few weeks. Stay tuned....

12 May 2013

My Famous Dreamer

My Famous Dreamer
My famous person is Lionel Messi. He plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina. His dream was to become a famous soccer player and he achieved it. He was born on the 25th of June 1927. He now is 26 years old, he kicks with his left foot and when he was 21 he got the Fifa world player of the year. I think that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world and that he keeps playing soccer until he is 30 or 35. 
By Wouter Froeling.

9 May 2013

My Famous Dreamer

Bethany Hamilton started surfing when she was four years old. When she was eight years old she surfed her first ever surfing competion, she has won three major surfing awards. Bethany Hanilton is now twenty three years old. Her dream was to be a professional surfer.
By Vanessa

My Famous Dreamer

  Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Award Bin Laden was born on the 10th of march,1957.
When he was young,he went to Al-thager model school and then went to king Abdul Aziz University. Osama's first job was a civil and normal engineer.
Osama then had 6 wives and 24 children.
He told his children to move to the west and that's when he made the terrorist group called Al-Qaeda.
A couple of months later on 9/11 was when he attancked the twin towers.
That's when Seal group six decided to hunt him down. The mission was called operation 
"Neptune spear". Seal group six did kill bin laden.
The person who shot Osama is referd to "The Shooter" and he's the one who killed bin laden.
He shot him above the left eye and through the chest.
His resting place is the Arabian Sea.
Osama's dream was to take over America.

Year 7 at Food Technology

Every Tuesday we go to Technology at Garin Collage and 4 people in Kea class go to Food Tech. We first started on the last week of term 1 and made Kiwifruit Muffins. There are 6 kitchens at food tech so                                                                     we are in groups of 3 to 5, the muffins were really yummy. This week our normal food tech teacher was away so we had another substitute teacher. We made 2 things that Tuesday, Pumpkin Soup and Cheese and Bacon Scones. They were also delicious. By Laura.


My Famous Dreamer

Amelia Earhart was a normal girl who had a dream but she strived  to make it hapin and her dream was to fly acros the would .At 10 AM she takes of  but sumthing bad hapend we are going north and east and she was ever heard from again. 

By Jono