23 March 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 9

Remember to bring homework and PE gear to school on Monday๐Ÿ‘€
Monday: Homework Due
                 Fitness w/Bodie
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Holy Thursday
                    News Groups
Friday: Good Friday-No School
Have A Great Week!

16 March 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 8

Monday: Homework Due Back
                  Fitness w/Bodie
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: Maureen in Kereru Class (first block)
Thursday: Performing Arts (middle block)
Friday: Shared Prayer
Have an awesome week!

Interschool Swimming

Congratulations to Lily, Ben, Abi, Finn and Kirsten who were selected to go through to the Primary Inter-school Swimming Competition at Nayland Pool on Wednesday.
St Paul's students were up against the big schools such as Henley and Nayland and they placed in quite a few events!

  • Lily places 2nd in both the 10yr Freestyle and Backstroke Finals
  • Kirsten placed 2nd in the 9yr Breaststroke Final
  • Ben was 1st in the 9yr Freestyle Final
  • Ben and Finn were part of the winning Junior Boys Relay
                                Well done to all of you. What a fantastic achievement!

14 March 2018

Puppy Love!

Last Friday Kirsten's mum brought their new puppy, Molly, into Kereru Class for a visit.
Molly is 10 weeks old and is a Cavoodle, a cross between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was absolutely adorable!
Ms Hampson will be happy to puppy sit anytime!

9 March 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 7

It's swimming week! 
๐ŸŠ Remember to bring togs, towel and goggles (if needed) each day this week ๐ŸŠ
Monday: Homework due
                 Fitness w/Bodie
                 Swimming (2-2.30)
Tuesday: Sport w/Mrs McQuillan
                  Swimming (2-2.30)
Wednesday: Performing Arts
                        Swimming (2-2.30)
                        Swimming Inter-Schools Competition
Thursday: Library
                    Swimming (2-2.30)
Friday: Shared Prayer
               Swimming (2-2.30)
Have a great week everyone!

6 March 2018

LIfe Education: Cyber Safety

Last week Kereru students visited the Life Education truck to learn about staying safe online. 
Here are some of their comments;
It was really fun and I learnt ways to make sure that the person I talk to online is really who they say they are.
By Jesse
I learnt that you have to be 18 or 13 with parental guidance to use You Tube!
By Bella
I learnt that cyber bullying is now a crime and the police could get involved.
By Marco
If you get cyber bullied then you have to tell someone so they can help you.
By Alice

4 March 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 6

Remember we have swimming sports on Wednesday. See the post below for details.
Monday: Homework Check
                Fitness w/Bodie (time change: 11.30-12.00)
                Performing Arts
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: School Swimming Sports @ Nayland Pool
Friday: Shared Prayer
Have a great week!