1 December 2013

Mt Robert Walk Gear List

The Walk up Mt Robert is THIS Wednesday (4 December) 
Remember you need to be at school ready to go at 8.30a.m  

Gear List
It is really important that you have adequate clothing for the tramp.

We will not be taking students who do not have the correct gear.

  • Day pack : This needs to be a small back pack (school use back packs are fine)
  • Wear sturdy shoes/sneakers and socks (no jandals, sandals, ballet flats or other thin soled shoes)
  • Shorts or suitable pants to be walking in
  • T shirt
  • Spare pair of socks
  • Also bring polypro long sleeve top
  • Polar fleece
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Sunhat.
  • Woolly hat
  • Gloves

AND morning tea/lunch,drink bottle,scroggin or other cereals/high carbohydrate snacks
You do not need to bring your cellphone or ipod on the walk.

25 November 2013

Swimming This Week!!

Our first swimming session is THIS Thursday.
Remember to bring:
Goggles (if necessary)

21 October 2013

Swimming Assessment

Hello Kea Parents,
It's swimming time again this term and to be sure that our students get the most out of their sessions at the pool please complete the (very brief) SwimMagic Assessment so that the instructors can group Kea students according to their confidence and ability in the water.
Please click the link below to take you to the assessment page:
Swimming Assessment Link
Thank you

24 September 2013

Have Some Paintball Fun

Do you want to play a game of Paint Ball?

Date Monday 28 Oct (Labour Day)       Time 2pm - 5pm
Cost $25 for game and 100 Paintballs - Child or Adult (Get your Mum or Dad to play as well)
Extra Paintball Rounds: 150 - $20, 100 - $18 or 50 - $12
Check out their website: www.paintballnelsonltd.co.nz

Please reply to Etna Davies 027 5151501 or Conor at School by 18Oct.

Money will need to be paid by 18 Oct to secure a place.

19 September 2013

Pillows & Blankies & Milo & Cookies & Books & Stuff

We had a great morning today.
We came to school wearing our 'snuggle up with a book' clothes and started the day creating 'Book Trailers' (using iMovie) on the iPads. Kind of like movie trailers but about our favourite books.
Mr Turnhout from Tui Class (our buddy class) visited us and read a story and Ms Hampson went to read a book to Tui Class.
When Ms Hampson came back we played 'Book Musical Chairs' it's like regular musical chairs but with books. We got to look at and read a little bit from lots of different kinds of books.
Then we went back into our classroom for Milo and cookies and some quiet reading time.
Here are some photos of our morning and three of our Book Trailers.

Book Trailer: 'The Mortal Instruments' By Vanessa and Laura

 Book Trailer: 'EJ12 Out of This World Spy' By Lauren and Georgia  

Book Trailer: 'Cherub' By Eva and Anahera

13 September 2013

Senior School Science Fair

Kea Class did a fantastic job on their science investigations. The judges thought so too with Heidi and Jono gaining FIRST place in the Year 6 group with their Popping Popcorn investigation. Dylan D, also a Yr 6, gained second place. Wouter earned a Merit award for his investigation into 'Dissolving' Congratulations to all students in Kea Class.

Remembering 911

Last week was the 12th anniversary of the 911 attacks in America.
One of our homework tasks was to find out information about the attacks and present our findings in a creative way.
Here are Liam and Stella's slideshows and Georgia's Pic Collage

12 September 2013


The second of our three walks will be next Wednesday (September 18)
Here is a reminder of the gear you will need. Please start getting it together now. Don't leave it until the night before.

Please note that we will not be taking students who do not have the correct gear.  
Day pack - this needs to be a small back pack (school use back packs are fine)
  • Sturdy shoes/sneakers and socks (no jandals, sandals, ballet flats or other thin soled shoes)
  • Shorts or suitable pants to be walking in, 
  • T-shirt 
  • Spare pair of socks.
Also bring:
  • Polypro long sleeve top
  • Polar fleece
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Sunhat.
  • Woolly hat
  • Gloves
Morning tea/lunch, drink bottle, scroggin or other cereals/high carbohydrate snacks

It will be a great day so please remember to bring everything you need.

5 September 2013

Kea Class Speech Winners

Congratulations to Eva, Stella and Alisha our Year 7 class speech winners and to Dylan and Georgina our Year 6 winners. All went through to the Senior School Speech Contest on Wednesday.
Dylan was chosen to go through to the Year 6 Interschool Contest next week.

28 August 2013

Science Fair

Over the past two weeks we've had a look at lots of examples of how to display your science investigation on your display board. There are heaps of websites you can look at but here's one to get you started. Have fun......

Our Trip to the Suter Art Gallery

9 August 2013

Kea Class Marvellous Mosaics!

HUGE THANK YOU to Brendon and Anahera's parents for supplying us with the MDF and all of  the tiles and crockery. THANK YOU!!!!

1 July 2013


Kea's very own Alisha and Liam on stage with Strike Percussion Group!


A band group named the strike percussion came to nelson and performed in front of saint paul's school. Liam and Alisha got picked by the band to do a small music battle. Liam won and got o drink from Tiland and it was called lava juice.
By: Dylan.H and Stella

Boasting Our Blog

Calling All Adults!
Remember to comment on our class blog from Wednesday July 3 to Tuesday July 9 and go in to win an iPad Mini for your family!

28 June 2013

Barnicoat Walk

Parents and Caregivers 
Here is the gear list for The Barnicoat Walk - Wednesday 3rd July (postponement date 5th July)

It is really important that the students have adequate clothing for the tramp and we have included a gear list to give them plenty of time to organise themselves.  
We will not be taking students who do not have the correct gear.  
It is also our expectation that all parents are well equipped. 
Day pack - this needs to be a small back pack (school use back packs are fine)

  • Sturdy shoes/sneakers and socks (no jandals, sandals, ballet flats or other thin soled shoes)
  • Shorts or suitable pants to be walking in, 
  • T-shirt 
  • Spare pair of socks.
Also bring:
  • Polypro long sleeve top
  • Polar fleece
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Sunhat.
  • Woolly hat
  • Gloves
Morning tea/lunch, drink bottle, scroggin or other cereals/high carbohydrate snacks

It will be a challenging and fantastic experience for our students so we need them to be safe and well equipped.

17 June 2013

Technology @ Garin

Here are some photos of what we do at Technology.
Hard materials
Hard Materials
Hard materials


Food Technology

17 May 2013

Roman Technology

We recently tok a trip to The Museum in Nelson and saw a lot of interesting machines and weapons that the Romans used.
We used the 'ShowMe' app on the iPads to share what we learnt about some of these machines.

By Liam and Jono By Dylan H and Luca By Willow By Zac By Alisha By Benjamin By Maximus By Dylan and Brendon

50 Word Short Story Challenge

Here is the link to the short story challenge blog. It would be fantastic to see some Kea kids writing on there!


Lauren's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lauren! Thank you for sharing your delicious birthday cake with us today!

16 May 2013

Our first attempt with the Show Me App on the iPads

This is my first attempt at using Show Me.  By Georgina.

The Testudo Formation By Jasmine and Stella

We will be experimenting with different ways of using the app over the next few weeks. Stay tuned....

12 May 2013

My Famous Dreamer

My Famous Dreamer
My famous person is Lionel Messi. He plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina. His dream was to become a famous soccer player and he achieved it. He was born on the 25th of June 1927. He now is 26 years old, he kicks with his left foot and when he was 21 he got the Fifa world player of the year. I think that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world and that he keeps playing soccer until he is 30 or 35. 
By Wouter Froeling.

9 May 2013

My Famous Dreamer

Bethany Hamilton started surfing when she was four years old. When she was eight years old she surfed her first ever surfing competion, she has won three major surfing awards. Bethany Hanilton is now twenty three years old. Her dream was to be a professional surfer.
By Vanessa

My Famous Dreamer

  Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Award Bin Laden was born on the 10th of march,1957.
When he was young,he went to Al-thager model school and then went to king Abdul Aziz University. Osama's first job was a civil and normal engineer.
Osama then had 6 wives and 24 children.
He told his children to move to the west and that's when he made the terrorist group called Al-Qaeda.
A couple of months later on 9/11 was when he attancked the twin towers.
That's when Seal group six decided to hunt him down. The mission was called operation 
"Neptune spear". Seal group six did kill bin laden.
The person who shot Osama is referd to "The Shooter" and he's the one who killed bin laden.
He shot him above the left eye and through the chest.
His resting place is the Arabian Sea.
Osama's dream was to take over America.

Year 7 at Food Technology

Every Tuesday we go to Technology at Garin Collage and 4 people in Kea class go to Food Tech. We first started on the last week of term 1 and made Kiwifruit Muffins. There are 6 kitchens at food tech so                                                                     we are in groups of 3 to 5, the muffins were really yummy. This week our normal food tech teacher was away so we had another substitute teacher. We made 2 things that Tuesday, Pumpkin Soup and Cheese and Bacon Scones. They were also delicious. By Laura.


My Famous Dreamer

Amelia Earhart was a normal girl who had a dream but she strived  to make it hapin and her dream was to fly acros the would .At 10 AM she takes of  but sumthing bad hapend we are going north and east and she was ever heard from again. 

By Jono

12 April 2013

Parents and Caregivers

Just a reminder to check out the Parent page to find information about upcoming events, news and important information.
Also, we still need some items on our wish list (on the right of this page) If you are able to help us out with any of the items listed we would be very grateful.
HUGE thank you to Laura's parents for the fabulous sofa we now have in Kea Class. We love it!
Photos posted soon!!!
Thank you.

Term One Sport Skills

Vanessa balancing the tennis ball.

Alex bouncing the tennis ball on the racket
                   Coach Coolie giving instructions


Testing our hockey dribbling skills with Coach Nick
'Good match'
Running to be the first to get the ball, RUN!

Posted by Georgina

12 March 2013

Kea's Amazing Artwork 
 (N.B: Music will not play on Google Chrome. Try switching to Safari or Firefox)
Our desk placemats are based on the art of Sarah C an artist based in Mangawhai Heads, Northland, New Zealand. We loved the 'Kiwi' summertime look and feel of her paintings and wanted to bring this into our classroom so we could enjoy summer all year long in Kea Class!
First we chose a painting that we liked then did a small draft copy in pencil. Then we moved onto our bigger 'good' copy. We spent a lot of time drawing and then painting and we tried not to do an exact copy. We added and deleted things, used different colours and just tried to make them look a little different to the originals.
We love them! They really brighten up the classroom and look amazing!
If you would like to see some Sarah C artwork, click on the link below.

7 March 2013


Tomorrow (Friday) is Purple Cake Day. Remember to wear something purple and bring a gold coin donation.
Also, Librarian applications are due to Mrs Bryant TOMORROW (Friday)

6 March 2013

Student Council Blog

Our Student Council have a blog for you to access and read and comment on.
Please remember that if you have any issues/ideas for the council to address, then you need to see our class Council member, Dylan, who will be glad to take these to the next council meeting.
A permanent link to the blog will be on 'Our Favourite Blogs' on our class blog 'Home' page.

4 March 2013

School Website

Click the link below to check out our brand new school website!


Swimming at The Aquatic Centre Please leave comments below rather than on the end of the video. Thank you!

24 February 2013

Financial Literacy

Learning about the IRD

On Friday we had a visitor from the ASB Bank come and talk with us about how to be smart with our money.
We learnt about why different jobs pay different wages and how much it costs to live. We found out about paying taxes and what happens to the money.
Then we were given a budget and, in our groups, had to plan a trip to Hawaii. We had to decide if we wanted to pay with cash or credit card and if we wanted insurance or not. 
It was interesting to hear what people decided to do.
It was fun and a great way for us to learn about money and how to budget.

Kea Class Student Council Representative 2013

Congratulations to Dylan who has been voted in as our class representative on the 2013 Student Council.
Dylan presented a well thought out speech and will be a great addition to the Council.
Well done to the other Kea students who also put themselves forward for election.
It's great to see so many of you wanting to be leaders in our school.