12 March 2013

Kea's Amazing Artwork 
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Our desk placemats are based on the art of Sarah C an artist based in Mangawhai Heads, Northland, New Zealand. We loved the 'Kiwi' summertime look and feel of her paintings and wanted to bring this into our classroom so we could enjoy summer all year long in Kea Class!
First we chose a painting that we liked then did a small draft copy in pencil. Then we moved onto our bigger 'good' copy. We spent a lot of time drawing and then painting and we tried not to do an exact copy. We added and deleted things, used different colours and just tried to make them look a little different to the originals.
We love them! They really brighten up the classroom and look amazing!
If you would like to see some Sarah C artwork, click on the link below.

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