30 June 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 10

😄  It's The Last Week of Term 😁

Monday: Dance practice
Tuesday: Sport
                  Dance practice
Wednesday: Celebration of Learning Afternoon
Thursday: Performing Arts (afternoon)
Friday: Mufti Mania (please bring a gold coin) 
              Shared Prayer
              News Groups
              Mrs Stanton (middle block)
              Have an AWESOME last week of term!

23 June 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 9

Saint Paul's week is here and we have a very busy (and fun) week planned. 
Please read carefully so you know what is happening.

Monday: Homework is due! Make sure you bring your 'Treasure Hunt' to school on Monday.                           Playhouse performance (afternoon)
Tuesday: Sport (full PE gear)
                  Middle School Interchange (middle block)
                  Whole school singing (afternoon)
Wednesday: Saint Paul's Feast Day Mass
                        Free lunch for students
                        Performing Arts (afternoon)
Thursday: Saint Paul's Feast Day (official)
                    Sports Morning! (9.30-12.30) You must have full PE gear
                    Middle School Interchange (afternoon block)
Friday:  Regional X Country
                Mrs Stanton (middle block)

Have an awesome Saint Paul's Week!

Book Quiz Whizzes!


Boyz at The Menzshed

These fabulous Year 5/6 Vinnies boys have been visiting the Menzshed for the past few weeks and have been learning valuable skills such as drafting, treating and sanding wood and carving.
See student comments below photos.

I feel amazed with what we have achieved so far.
by Ben
I liked the part where we had to use a tool to remove green stuff off the pole and we had to wear a mask and earmuffs.
by Ronin
I like what we have done so far and I'm proud of how we have all worked together.
by Luke
I enjoyed making the bird house to put on the top of the totem pole.
by Buno

16 June 2017

Sharing Our Dances

Here are the videos from our sharing session earlier today.
The students did a fantastic job on all of the dances considering they have only had four 40 minute sessions!
Well done everyone!
Student Comments:
It was fun and the Hip Hop dance was my favourite because it was fast paced.
 by Toby
All of the dancing was energetic and I really like the slide move in the Hip Hop dance.
by Declan
My favourite bit was the beginning of the Hip Hop dance.
by Bruno
Hip Hop
Salsa Switch

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 8

Monday: Homework Due
Tuesday: Sport
                  Middle School Interchange
Wednesday: Performing Arts (first block)
                      Visitor from Forest and Bird (middle block)
Thursday: Middle School Interchange
Friday: Mahi Toi Performance @ Garin 9.00-10.40
              Mrs Stanton (middle block)
Have a fabulous week!

Kereru Stars!

Congratulations to Heidi and Kate who are this weeks 'Stars'
Both girls have made such fantastic progress in their STEPS learning and have now finished the programme.
You are awesome!!

15 June 2017

That's A Wrap!

We are looking at ways to reduce waste in the school so earlier this week Kereru Class made their own beeswax lunch wraps and the students are actually using them which is fantastic to see.
Special thanks to Isla, Sean, Holly and the wonderful Elizabeth!
Here are the wraps we made.
Yes we are using them!
I thought it was a really cool process but I didn't like the bees chasing me. 
The wraps look really cool though.
By Bella
Making them was fun because we ran around with them to try and dry them.
By Holly.O
I really enjoyed making them and my mum is using my wrap for a picnic.
By Missy
They are really useful because we don't have to get plastic bags out in the morning.
By Alice

13 June 2017

Shake Your Groove Thing!

Here are a couple of videos and photos from our dance sessions. It's great fun! 
Student comments will be posted soon.......
Salsa Practice

Hip Hop Practice

12 June 2017

Kereru Star!

Congratulation to Alice for her achievements at The Wellington Rhythmic Gymnastics OPen Competition at the weekend. 
Alice achieved a 6th overall in the Level 2 competition and a 1st place in the Level 2 Rope section. WOW!
Super effort Alice!

Bird Feeders

Thank you to the students who made bird feeders for our school last week. They are hanging up in the trees and the birds have already eaten most of the seeds and the peanut butter off the pine cones! 
Thank you to Bella's mum for supplying us with a bag of seed :)

9 June 2017

Keeping Up With Kerru: Week 7

Monday:Homework due
                Dance in Schools (afternoon)
Tuesday: Sport
                 Dance in Schools (afternoon)
Wednesday: Dance in Schools (afternoon)
Thursday: Dance in Schools (afternoon)
Friday:   Shared Prayer
               PE (Mrs Stanton in middle block)
               Dance in Schools (afternoon)
Enjoy your week!

Honey Wraps For Sale!

Honey Wraps for Sale!
To do our bit to help save our school from rubbish, Kereru Class Kids are selling beeswax wraps that are reusable, recyclable, washable and are eco-friendly.
The wraps come in packs of three;
One small wrap (raisins, nuts, biscuits etc)
One medium wrap (muffins, baking)
One large wrap (easily fits a couple of sandwiches, bread rolls)
Wraps can also be use in the home to wrap cheese, leftovers and cover food.
All for only $19.95!

Order forms are available from the office. Bring your completed order form to the office and pay in cash.
You can pay the school online: a/c No:12-3158-0172957-00
Please enter your name and ‘Beeswax’ as a reference/details

By Jacob.C, Sean.H, Holly.B and Isla. (Kereru Class)

8 June 2017

Beeswax Wraps

Here is a link to the slideshow on how to reduce waste in your lunch boxes.
Thank you to Holly, Sean, Isla and Jacob for all of your hard work on trying to reduce the use of plastic in our school.

2 June 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 6

Monday: Queen's Birthday Holiday 👑
Tuesday: Homework Due
Wednesday: Inter-school Cross Country (for some students)
Thursday: Performing Arts (middle block)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              Mrs Stanton in Kereru (middle block)
Enjoy your week!