June 9, 2017

Honey Wraps For Sale!

Honey Wraps for Sale!
To do our bit to help save our school from rubbish, Kereru Class Kids are selling beeswax wraps that are reusable, recyclable, washable and are eco-friendly.
The wraps come in packs of three;
One small wrap (raisins, nuts, biscuits etc)
One medium wrap (muffins, baking)
One large wrap (easily fits a couple of sandwiches, bread rolls)
Wraps can also be use in the home to wrap cheese, leftovers and cover food.
All for only $19.95!

Order forms are available from the office. Bring your completed order form to the office and pay in cash.
You can pay the school online: a/c No:12-3158-0172957-00
Please enter your name and ‘Beeswax’ as a reference/details

By Jacob.C, Sean.H, Holly.B and Isla. (Kereru Class)

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