30 May 2014

Cross Country

What a fantastic time we had at Rabbit Island today! The weather was perfect and our Year 5/6 students were raring to go. You were all amazing. Ms Hampson and Mrs Trolle are very proud of all of your hard work and effort over the past 5 weeks of training. Everyone finished the course and felt a great sense of achievement. 
Well done Kereru and Kotuku!

29 May 2014

The Great Cookie Fossil Dig!

After weeks of learning about Fossils we had our first fossil hunt.
We got our fossil kits out and began the task of excavating chocolate chips out of a chocolate chip cookie! It's good practice for when we go on our trip up the Richmond Hills to find some real fossils.
We used different tools to try and get the fossils (chips) out in one piece. It was a challenge!
A prize was given for the biggest fossil and the most fossils found.
It was a lot of fun!





24 May 2014

Mary Anning

Our reading groups have been exploring the life of Mary Anning-a famous British fossil hunter.
Mary's story is fascinating. She was from a poor family and as a baby she was struck by lightning! Mary lived near the beach and she loved to go looking for all sorts of things in the sand and in the hills of Lyme Regis. In 1811 she found the very first complete ichthyosaurus.
Here is a fantastic and fun website all about Mary that a couple of our reading groups will be exploring next week.                                                     Mary Anning Website

Mary was immortalised in a Google Doodle this week to celebrate her 215th birthday!

Museum Visit-Fossils

John telling us all about Mary Anning-famous fossil hunter
Example of a millions of yearsold fossil

Learning about dinosaurs in New Zealand!

Drawing fossils.

Trying to identify different types of fossils.

We saw fossils that were 100's of millions of years old!

Sorting out the dinosaurs.

19 May 2014

Bones of the World's Biggest Dinosaur Found!

Some of you saw the news item about bones from the biggest dinosaur (a Sauropod) ever to walk the Earth being discovered in Argentina, South America. 
For those of you who missed it here is the link.

16 May 2014


What a great way to finish off the week! We all really enjoyed our Zumba session and had a lot of fun!


10 May 2014

Mother's Day

On Friday we learnt about the origins of Mother's Day and talked about all the nice things we were going to do for our mums. It sounds like lots of mums will be getting breakfast in bed and spoilt for the day!
We made beautiful cards to give to all of our lovely Kereru mums. Thanks for all you do for your wonderful children!
Happy Mother's Day!