27 November 2015

Play Time!

For Reading this week we have been practising our oral language and acting skills by reading School Journal plays.
We rehearsed a lot and then raided the dress up box for costumes.
The plays were performed really well and everyone got great feedback from the rest of the class.


26 November 2015

A Bit of a Tangle!

We love using our headphones but, even though we are very careful with them, they do get in a bit of a tangle. This one though was a real mess and lots of us (even Ms Hampson) tried to untangle them but they just got even more tangled up!
Luckily Isaac has a de-tangling expert in his family......Oma!
Isaac took the mess home over the weekend and brought them back all neat and tidy in little baggies.
Thank you Oma!!

12 November 2015

Saint Paul's Athletics Day

Next Monday is our school athletics day. Come to school in your PE gear. You may wear track pants as it can still be a bit cool in the morning. 
Here is a reminder of what else you will need:
-Sneakers (Must be worn on the track. No bare feet)
-School Hat
-Drink bottle (water)
-Lunch and snacks
-School Polar fleece or Jersey
-Wet weather gear (raincoat)
When: Monday 16 November 2015 (postponement day is Wednesday)
Where: Saxton Track
          Parents, families and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the day!

9 November 2015

Swimming Week!

You have swimming lessons ALL WEEK!
Remember to bring:
Goggles (if required)