23 September 2016

Year 5/6 Academic Quiz

On Wednesday night the quiz teams went to the year 5/6 Academic quiz! 
There were 8 Rounds which included Dav Pilkey, Maths, Maori, Extinct Animals, Candy Chemistry, Science, Art and Music.
The quiz teams names were The Jolly Joluxes and The Nerdinators.
There was 19 teams in the quiz. 
The hardest round in the our opinion was Maori. 
Lots of lollies and prizes were given out for good answers and some random answers.
The Jolly Joluxes got 7th equal with 45 points and The Nerdinators got 4th. With the team in 3rd place beating them by only 1 point!
By Lucas and Luke.W
The Nerdinators
                                                                   The Jolly Joluxes

Kereru Stars!

We have lots of 'stars' in Kereru Class.
Here are some of our Stars and their recent special achievements.
Isaac participated in the Year 5/6 Inter-school Speech Competition and was 'Highly Commended'
Agnes was awarded our 'Star of the Week' certificate for her positively wonderful attitude!
Khara received a medal and the 'Coaches Choice' award for best player in her soccer team.
Jasmine was awarded the Player of the Year for her mixed soccer team!
In competitive swimming Nyah achieved nine junior times and will represent Nelson at the National Championships next year!
Awesome work everyone!!

19 September 2016

World of Maths

World of Maths 
We went to Salisbury School for the World of Maths road show. 
We did all sorts of math games in groups with Kotuku class. 
We did graph games, estimating, fractions, weighing and much more.
My favourite thing was the koala sanctuary where you have to get from one island to the other with the planks. Peter the toy has to be able to stand on it with out touching the water. 
We think it was a really fun way to learn about maths and we wound like to do it again.
By Katie.M and Jaanvi



16 September 2016

Andrew Chinn Visit

On Thursday Andrew Chinn  came to St Pauls to sing some songs and teach us some actions for the awesome songs. His performance was amazing and really funny. 
We learnt new songs about God and the Holy Trinity. Some of the actions were to shake your hands in the shape of a cross then after that you would start clicking your fingers in the cross shape. 
In the show he used the St Pauls choir to help out by singing some of the lyrics to his songs. 
Cordelia and Lydia sung two songs.   
By Evielyn and Cordelia


Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 9

Monday: Music

              Tennis (Remember your PE gear)

Friday: Sport (Remember your PE gear)
            Have a great last week of term!

8 September 2016

Tennis Skills

On Mondays we do Tennis skills with Kolie (a tennis coach). 
We always to a warm up with our rackets.
He has taught us a lot of different skills and games. Some of them include Crazy Tennis and Bobsled. 
He is a very nice coach and is very funny. 
One of our favourite games is Bobsled. 
Ms Hampson joined in for a bit and she says that she enjoyed it too!!! 
We all have lots of fun playing tennis and enjoy playing. 
By Alice And Lucy. 



2 September 2016

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 7

Monday: Mother Teresa Liturgy @ Church (leaving at 11.00)
               Class Speeches
               Tennis (Remember your PE gear)

Tuesday: Speeches (continued)
                Music with Mr Phillips

Wednesday: NZEI Meeting in the afternoon. Students may go home at lunchtime

Thursday: Year 6-8 School Speech Competition

Friday: Sport
Have a great week!

Fun Book Day in Kereru

What a fun way to finish Book Week!
We had such a great day today in Kereru Class. We came to school wearing our 'snuggle up with a book' clothes. We ate snacks, shared our favourite books and created 'Book Trailers' (using iMovie) on the iPads. Kind of like movie trailers but about our favourite books.
After lunch we had cookies and Milo and watched everyone's book trailers. 
Here are some photos of our day and a link to our class You Tube channel. 
Click HERE to watch book traiers