September 23, 2016

Year 5/6 Academic Quiz

On Wednesday night the quiz teams went to the year 5/6 Academic quiz! 
There were 8 Rounds which included Dav Pilkey, Maths, Maori, Extinct Animals, Candy Chemistry, Science, Art and Music.
The quiz teams names were The Jolly Joluxes and The Nerdinators.
There was 19 teams in the quiz. 
The hardest round in the our opinion was Maori. 
Lots of lollies and prizes were given out for good answers and some random answers.
The Jolly Joluxes got 7th equal with 45 points and The Nerdinators got 4th. With the team in 3rd place beating them by only 1 point!
By Lucas and Luke.W
The Nerdinators
                                                                   The Jolly Joluxes

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