28 October 2018

Touch Rugby Tournament

The tournament is on this Friday (all day)
Here is a list of things you will need to remember:
  • Your PE Gear!
  • School hat (for when you are not playing a game)
  • Sunscreen (we will have some available)
  • Track pants (optional)
  • Water bottle (we will have a filling station in the area where you are playing)
  • $2 for the sausage sizzle, $1 juicies and baking from 50c-$2
  • You may only play in bare feet or sneakers
                                        Play hard but fair and have a fantastic day!

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 3

It's Dance Week!
Dean and Ezra are back for dance instruction for the next two weeks.
The Yr 5/6 group time slot (except Wednesday this week) will be 11.15-11.50
Please ensure you have your PE gear at school every day!

Monday:  Fitness with Bryone
Tuesday: Yr 5 Testing
                  Yr 6 Sport w/Kotuku
Wednesday: Garin Touch Rugby Training
Thursday: Library
Friday:  Top of the South Touch Rugby Tournament (all day)
               Have an Awesome Week 😁

19 October 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 2

What a great way to start the week, with a holiday! 
Hope you all have a great day!
Remember PE gear and hats this week!

Monday: Labour Day Holiday
Tuesday: Sport w/Kotuku 
Wednesday: Library
Thursday: Performing Arts (first block)
                    Touch Rugby Training (11.30-12.30)
Friday: Shared Prayer
Enjoy your week 😁

14 October 2018

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 1

Hello everyone! How was your holiday? Mine was fantastic and I'm looking forward to sharing some videos and photos with you tomorrow!
What a crazy busy term we have ahead! Lots of stuff happening, touch rugby training, athletics, swimming, dances in schools and interchange for maths and reading will carry on for the rest of the term!
Here's a run down of this week's happenings.
Monday: Holiday News Groups
Tuesday: Sport w/Kotuku
Wednesday: Touch Rugby Training (11.30-12.30)
                      Performing Arts (afternoon block)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              Touch Rugby Training (9.30-10.30)
Have An Awesome Week 😁