28 February 2016

School Swimming Sports

We will be leaving at 9.00 on Wednesday morning. 
All of you will be entered into at least two events so it's a good idea to bring two towels.
You will need to remember to bring the following items:
Towels x 2
Morning tea, snacks (we will be back at school for lunch)
School Hat
School fleecy or jersey
Sunscreen (this will also be available at the pool)
Please ensure you are wearing the correct school PE uniform.

26 February 2016

Middle Syndicate Singing

Each week the Middle Syndicate has team singing either with Mr Phillips or Ms Hampson.
We can choose the songs we like to sing and we have a lot of fun. 

24 February 2016

Kereru's Student Council Representative-Lydia

Well done to Lydia for being elected our representative on the student council.
Students who wanted to try out for the position presented a short speech to the class, outlining their skills and why they wanted to be on the school council. We then had a secret vote and Lydia was elected.
Well done to all of you who put yourself forward to represent Kereru Class. It's great to see such enthusiastic people willing to work hard to make our fantastic school even better :)
Lydia is prepared for her first Council meeting.

Kereru Stars!

Well done to Hannah and Evie!
Hannah received our class award for her mature and responsible attitude as well as her great listening skills-wow!
Evie received the Charism-'Dare to Care' award for her caring nature and helping out her classmates with their work. 
You are both Kereru Stars!

22 February 2016

Keeping Kereru Clean!

A HUGE thank you to those parents who have sent along desk wipes and/or hand sanitiser. 
All donations are very much appreciated!

Dare to Care

This week our 'Dare to Care' certificate goes to Noah for caring about his classroom and school environment. 
Well done Noah!

18 February 2016

Swimming Lessons

Yay we are swimming! This week we went swimming at the ASB pool from Monday to Friday. On the first day of swimming we were all excited because we wanted to see what group we were going to be in. When some of us hopped into the lane pool we thought it was cold. Others were in the warmer pool. We learnt new ways and techniques of swimming. It was lots fun and now we are all prepared for swimming sports.
By Lucas and Reuben
Learning how to use our arms properly for breaststroke.
Swimming with flippers!
Practicing our kicks and strokes

12 February 2016

Swimming Lessons!

We will begin our week of swimming lessons on MONDAY, 11.30 @ The Aquatic Centre
You will need to remember to bring your gear each day.
Swimming Gear List:
  • Togs
  • Towel (s)
  • Goggles (if required)
We will be leaving school after morning tea for our 11.30 time slot and be back at school just in time for lunch.

Introducing Kereru Class 2016

What a gorgeous bunch of people we are!

11 February 2016

Volleyball Fun

This afternoon we were lucky enough to have Allan Brodie from Volleyball Nelson come in and teach us a few volleyball skills. We went to Salisbury Gym and had a great time trying to spike, serve and block.

5 February 2016

Class Essentials!

Thank you very much to Luke's mum for donating hand sanitiser and desk wipes (essential to every classroom!)
We always need a big supply of these items in Kereru Class so we can be as germ free as possible. We would be very grateful for any further donations :)

3 February 2016

Welcome to Kereru!

Hello Class of 2016!
Happy to new year to all of you and your families.
It's going to be another great year in Kereru Class with lots of interesting, fun learning to do.
I enjoyed hearing your summer holiday news today. It was great to see everyone so enthusiastic to be back at school :)
We extend a very warm welcome to our brand new to St Paul's students; Hannah, Quintin, Nyah and a welcome back to Evie.P!
I hope you enjoyed your welcome back treat!