19 July 2015

Hello from Canada!

Hello everyone!
Ms Hampson and Courtenay are in Vancouver, Canada at the moment. It's a beautiful city and, in some ways, looks very similar to New Zealand. The Canadian people are super friendly and they have very cool accents! We are heading out to do some sightseeing this afternoon.

It's summertime in North America and we have been very lucky and had warm and sunny weather for all of our trip so far.

We have been to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Cruz (my favourite so far) and Vancouver. When we leave here tomorrow we will be heading to Seattle and then Portland before heading back to New Zealand.

Have a fantastic first day back at school on Monday!

Here are a few photos from our trip so far...
San Francisco. Pier 39 with Alcatraz in the background

At the SF Giants baseball game.

Santa Cruz Beach Boradwalk (lots of fun rides!)

The trolley cars in San Francisco

In Las Vegas. Courtenay getting a cupcake from a Cupcake ATM Machine!!

Las Vegas!

In Vancouver, Canada (looks a lot like NZ)

3 July 2015

Happy Holidays!

Have a fantastic winter holiday break everyone! 
I'm off to the USA and Canada for three weeks.
See you all when I get back :)