November 8, 2016

Touch Tournament 2016

Last Friday it was the Top of the South Catholic Schools Touch Tournament. 
It was held at Saint Pauls school. There were Year 5 teams up to Year 8 teams. 
We had sausages, baking and juices. 
The year 5/6 team Saint Pauls Eagles placed 1st in the competitive grade and year 5/6 team Saint Pauls Chargers placed 2nd in the year 5/6 competitive grade.
Saint Pauls Navy came 2nd in the year 7/8  competitive grade. 
The competitive teams played at Salisbury school and participation teams played at Saint Pauls school. 
We had so much fun on Friday playing touch rugby really looking forward to next years Top of the South Touch Tournament.
                                                                  By Maisie & Agnes

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