November 9, 2016

Presidential Election

For the past few days Kereru Class have been learning about the electoral process and the Presidential Election.
We had a mock election (The Candy Election) where students had a democratic vote to nominate three types of chocolate and three types of chewy candy. Today was the Primaries (a taste test) to decide on which of the chocolate should be the nominee for the 'Chocolate Party' and which of the chewy should be the 'Chewy Party' nominee. Tomorrow we will have the 'General Election' to decide if the Chocolate or Chewy wins!
In the afternoon we watched the election results on TV and recorded the results on our electoral maps. We also held our own version of the Presidential election. The students had to register to vote and bring their registration card to the voting booth in order to vote. Some teachers and support staff also came in to vote. After they voted they were given an 'I Have Voted' sticker :)
(Hillary won by a landslide btw!)
Voting Booth ready

The Candy Election

Rilee checking Alice's voter registration form


Counting the candy votes
Ready for the Presidential vote

Mr Wingham gets his 'I Voted Today' sticker


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