11 November 2018

Top Team Day!

Tuesday is Top Team day at Lower Moutere School  for  all Year 5/6 students 😎 
The format for the day is:
9.00am: Catch the bus to Lower Moutere
9.50am: In Teams
10am: Top Team debrief
10.20am: Team at each game
10.30am: Start games, games run for 5 minutes each with 5 minute turn around
11.30pm: Stop after the first 6 games for lunch
11.30pm -12.10pm: Lunch
12.20pm: Ready to start next 6 games
12.30pm: Start
1.30pm: Finish games
1.35pm: Final talk spot prizes
1.45 - 2.10 Swim then back to school.

You will need to wear togs under your PE gear and make sure you have your school hat. You will also need to bring a towel, an extra  t-shirt and shorts might be a good idea as you will probably get wet!! 
Bring morning tea, lunch and water. There will be a sausage sizzle available (gold coin)
It's going to be a great day!

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