8 September 2017

Year 5/6 Very First Golden Letter Recipient

Wow! Big congratulations to Mia for being awarded the Golden Letter for Year 5/6!
The Golden letter is a new initiative and is awarded to students who show they are living the Saint Paul's way and are a shining examples of a Saint Paul's Star!

Golden Letter from the Principal for Mia Fraser
Dear Mia
Congratulations!!  The teachers at Saint Paul’s School have all agreed that you are a Saint Paul’s star and this term you have been chosen to receive a ‘Golden Letter from the Principal’.
Mia we are very proud of the way that you show our school values in the playground and in the classroom.  You are kind and caring to other students and always make sure that others are happy and enjoy being at our school.  Your teacher often notices that you care about other people in the way Jesus has asked us to care for everyone, valuing the uniqueness of every person.
We notice that you are kind and generous with your time, always happy to help others in any way.  You help other children in your classroom feel happy and safe at school and you also share all the great skills that you have. Other children at Saint Paul’s can learn how to do the right thing by being around such a positive role model. 
You are a diligent worker and have a strong work ethic. Mia we know you try to do your best in all learning areas and this is evident in your work.  What a shining example you are for your classmates.

All of the staff and children from our school want to say thank you for always choosing to be the very best you can be and for being a part of making Saint Paul’s a great place to be. 
Keep on shining Mia.

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