28 August 2017

Book Week Parade and Kereru Book Day!

On Friday we had our annual Book Week Dress Up Parade.
The winner of best dress up (and it was a very difficult decision due to so many fab costumes) was Declan who came dressed as a box of matches!
Well done to everyone who put in an effort to dress up!
We also had our Kereru Book Day on Friday. Students came in their comfy clothes and set up reading nooks around the classroom. They shared their favourite book, read their scary stories and created book trailers for their book. 
S'mores and Milo were a special treat in the afternoon!
📗 Student Comments 📘
It was quite fun cause we got to do the things we normally do when it's a rainy day at home.
by Elizabeth
We had delicious Milo and S'mores and shared our favourite book. It was awesome!
by Reuben
The book day was very fun. Their were some cool costumes at the parade. Mrs B's costume was one of the best teacher's costumes!
by Austin
All the costumes looked really cool and it was cool to see the different ideas that people came up with. Comfy day was also fun and so were the activities.
by Rosa




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