31 March 2017

The Game of Awesome!

This week we received a Ministry of Education writing resource named The Game of Awesome! The students have had a couple of sessions playing the game in order to understand how it all works and their feedback has been really positive. Next week we plan on taking the next step and using the game to generate ideas for writing.
Here is a link to a short video about the game followed by some photos and student comments.
Link to The Game of Awesome!
It's pretty cool and fun because it will help with my writing and my imagination.
by Declan
It's funny and a great way to play with your friends and make stories that are funny.
by Taylor
The Game of Awesome is literally awesome because there is so many cool game cards to choose from and it will really help with writing.
by Jacob C
Everyone gets really imaginative with their stories that they end up with.
by Isla
It's pretty awesome!
by Austin
The Game of Awesome is awesome.
                                                                 by Alice
You can get mind blowing ideas from the cards.
by Bianca
The Game of Awesome is cool cause it's got some weird objects to choose for a story.
by Kate

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