27 February 2017

'Where I Am From' Poems

Thank you to these three students for allowing us to publish their fantastic 'Where I am From' poems which were part of last weeks homework. 
I was very impressed by the high standard of Kereru student's work. 

I am from Runnymede where they signed the Magna Carta.
From Nannies baking, flowers on the dinner table.
I am from 'If it's worth doing its worth doing well'
From devouring fancy birthday cakes.
I am from primary school.
A family of 5 and friends from around the globe.
I am from being happy and smiling all day.
I am from a box high up in the cupboard with newspapers from the day I was born,
From making snow angels in the crisp fresh snow.
By Isla

I am from meat cooking, noodles sizzling.
 I am from mud and dirt the track.
I am from brother and sister playing outside.
I am from overseas and deep down South.
I am from 'The face on you could turn milk sour'.
I am from stories of great ancestors.
I am from boxes of cute old photos and videos.
From tasteful meat and chewy noodles.
I am from a small growing community.
By Lily 

I am from Nelson and Wellington.
I am from mum and dad, nana, uncle, poppa and aunty.
I am from fudge cake, ambrosia and raspberries.
I am from mum's perfume and the park next door.
I am from 'what I get I get and I don't get upset'.
I am from my favourite things and I shake it off.
I am from the pool and Richmond Mall.
I love you the mostest and the morest.
By Isabella 

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